The JHS Girder

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The development of the construction technology during this last decade has been considerably improved aiming at effective and efficient undertakings, by reducing cost and time saving in order to meet the customers' demand for quality, strength, durability and rigid applications.

Our company inspired by lr.J.H. Simanjuntak one of lndonesian experts in pre-cast concrete, is considered the pioneer of Y Girder manufacturer in lndonesia since 1993. Our superb attainment is to manufacture l,Y and U type of girder pre-tension and post-tension monolith with a span of exceeding 30 meters and several standard girder types that are not manufactured in other places in lndonesia.

Our girders have been utilized in several major bridge projects and flyover in Jakarta include pedestrian bridge.

Located strategically close to the CakungToll entrance and equipped with Buggy transport facilities, we are ready to deliver safely to any site destinations, assemble and install according to your requirements.

Our company management and the entire technical experts and professional staff are pleased to provide you any enquiry you might require for various JHS Standard PC Girder Details quality products as well as design with technical detailed information. lt is also our aims and objective to serve our customers with the most efficient and effective fast construction undertakings taken into account the most appropriate economic cost.